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WP3: Direct Use of Green Hydrogen

The current global hydrogen produced from natural gas is currently used primarily as feedstock for industrial processes, for example in oil and biomass refining and ammonia production. However, the direct use of hydrogen can also be attractive in energy-intensive industries for decarbonizing processes requiring high temperatures. In power generation, hydrogen, and in some cases derivatives of hydrogen such as ammonia or methanol, can be used in fuel cells or on a large scale in (modified) natural gas turbines. In addition, hydrogen can be used in the mobility sector in a fuel cell electric drive or as a climate-neutral fuel in internal combustion engines. The built environment is also an interesting sector for the use of hydrogen in heating homes. Here it is important to determine in which segments of the built environment the application of hydrogen is optimal. It is also important to understand the instruments that take into account financial, environmental, safety and comfort aspects as well as the social impact.


  • This work package aims to analyze:
  • Use of hydrogen as a fuel and feedstock in (energy-intensive) industry and for power generation
  • Use of hydrogen as a fuel in mobility and built environment
  • System aspects of hydrogen deployment in different value chains
  • Non-technical aspects of hydrogen deployment (policy, instruments, support base)

WP3: See call text on the NWO website https://www.nwo.nl/en/calls/ngf-direct-use-hydrogen