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Over GroenvermogenNL

About GroenvermogenNL

The Netherlands and the rest of the world are facing an immense climate challenge. Our fossil-based society and industry must be transformed. The Netherlands is doing this with green hydrogen as a driving force for that transition. GroenvermogenNL is therefore the investment program for green energy for the Dutch economy. This will enable the Netherlands to build up a new industry and an attractive business climate. To make this transition possible, well-trained people and a strong structure of knowledge sharing are necessary.

That is what GroenvermogenNL does: upscaling & innovating, converting & rebuilding, retraining & training.

The investment program will run until 2028 and will get off to a flying start due to the great interest among Dutch parties in scaling up hydrogen projects. The potential of hydrogen and sustainably generated electrons for green chemistry is great. GroenvermogenNL will make a substantial contribution to the upscaling of climate-neutral hydrogen and the application of green electrons in energy-intensive industries.

With an integrated approach, we thus ensure a powerful national innovation ecosystem for hydrogen production and applications. Part of this ecosystem is already present and includes companies and knowledge institutions involved in the energy, chemical and manufacturing sectors. It is now a question of making better use of knowledge and skills with the smartest solutions by having companies and knowledge institutions in these sectors work together towards a common goal within specific programmes.

To strengthen the ecosystem and bring the Netherlands into the European leading group, the following is needed:

1. Upscaling and investing: the realization of hydrogen projects on a serious scale
2. Research & Development: the coordination of research and innovation
3. Human capital: developing a strong human execution base

And that is feasible; together we go for green hydrogen in the Netherlands, to make a significant contribution to a climate neutral world.

Upscaling and investing
As an investment program, GroenvermogenNL will facilitate investments in demonstration and upscaling projects for climate-neutral hydrogen in order to achieve substantial and fast hydrogen projects in the Netherlands. This forms the basis for further scaling up to GW scale towards the 2030 targets. This will involve the integration of 3 to 5 production facilities for green hydrogen on a large scale (10-20 MW) with subsequent investment decisions to reach 100 MW. production facilities. And various large-scale applications of green, climate-neutral hydrogen in sectors where there are few alternatives for sustainability.

Research & Development
In addition to rapid scaling up, a coordinated effort on research and innovation is required to optimally facilitate and where possible accelerate scaling up and application. To this end, the program focuses on seven program lines with a broad spectrum from industrial, applied to fundamental research (TRL 2-8). The R&D program will make a major contribution to solving technical uncertainties, accelerating the intended cost reduction and developing innovative revenue models in both the supplying manufacturing industry and the production and application of climate-neutral hydrogen.

Human capital
The transition to a climate-neutral economy, and certainly the upscaling of climate-neutral hydrogen, requires sufficient theoretical and practical trained personnel. This offers opportunities for new jobs that will replace jobs in the old fossil economy. This concerns highly specialized sectors in our economy, close cooperation between educational institutions and companies, retraining and further training of employees and new training courses. That's why a strong investment in the Human Capital Agenda is needed. Together, these public investments will create a powerful and flexible hydrogen ecosystem that forms the basis for the upscaling of hydrogen and electrochemistry, contribute to a climate-neutral industry and the development of new revenue models.

The new and climate-neutral earning capacity of the Netherlands

Green Power NL is crucial for the realization of the hydrogen ambitions from the Climate Agreement of 500 MW of electrolysis capacity in 2025 and the ambitions from the government's hydrogen vision. It also contributes to the European hydrogen ambitions of 6 gigawatts (GW) electrolysis in 2024 and 40 GW in 2030. The Netherlands can and wants to take care of a substantial part of this.

The investment program will therefore also be at the heart of the social mission Energy Transition & Sustainability and thus the activities of the Top Sectors Energy, ChemistryNL and Holland High Tech, which already work closely together in the Electrochemical Conversion and Materials platform.

It lays the foundation for greening both the energy system and our use of raw materials and creates opportunities for the supplying high-tech manufacturing industry in the field of electrolysis, system integration and materials. In this way, the program makes a serious contribution to achieving the climate goals and creating sustainable and future-proof earning capacity.


The Top Sectors ChemistryNL, Energy and Holland High Tech are the driving forces behind GroenvermogenNL. Based on discussions with many parties involved in the country, a program board was put together in which the business community, the knowledge sector and the public sector were presented.

The board has the executive mandate to direct the broad scope of the programme. A connection must be made between the different parts of the program. The board is assisted by an international sounding board and seeks to connect with the government's innovation policy. The chairman participates in the structural Energy and Sustainability Theme Consultation for the integration of GroenvermogenNL in the mission-driven innovation policy.

Programme Board

Mr Marjan Oudeman, MBA is a member of the Supervisory Board of various companies at home and abroad, including UPM-Kymmene Corporation and Solvay SA. She also holds various ancillary positions. Before that she was a member of the Executive Committee of the European part of the Tata Steel Group (formerly Corus) and Executive Director of the Strip Division of the steel company, then member of the Executive Committee of AkzoNobel. She is also a former chair of the Executive Board of Utrecht University.

Prof.dr.ir. Paulien Herder is Dean of the Faculty of Technology Natural Sciences and Professor of Energy Systems at the Technical University Delft. She specializes in energy system integration and the de-fossilization of energy and industry through electrochemical conversion, combining engineering sciences with social and behavioral sciences. From 2013-2019 she was director of the Delft Energy Initiative, which employs around 1000 energy researchers on the Delft campus. In addition, she is Captain of Science of the Top Team of the Top Sector Energy, which is responsible for stimulating innovations that are necessary for the transition to an affordable, reliable and sustainable energy system in the Netherlands. The Netherlands. She is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Hotelschool The Hague and a member of the Scientific Sounding Board Committee of the North Sea Consultation.

Drs. Paul de Krom is chairman of the board of directors and CEO of TNO. He combines that with membership of the supervisory board van HTM, vice-chairman of the supervisory board of Hogeschool Utrecht and chairman of the Netherlands Distribution Land. Previously, he was State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment and member of the House of Representatives. From 1991 to 2003 he held various HR positions for Shell. As of February 1, 2022, De Krom will take up the position as new chairman of the Royal Dutch Chemical Industry Association (VNCI).

Mark Schmets - Secretary (Topsector ChemistryNL)
Sandra de Keijzer - Secretary (Topsector Energy)

Contact the GroenvermogenNL office: secretariaat@GroenvermogenNL.org.