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Chairs Top Sectors pleased with the first impulse from Groeifonds voor GroenvermogenNL

With an investment of € 338 million from the National Growth Fund, top sectors ChemistryNL, Energy and High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM), together with industrial partners and knowledge partners, are building the opportunities of hydrogen for the energy transition and in green chemistry.

“Never before has such a large innovation and upscaling program been set up in the Netherlands for the energy and raw materials transition,” says Emmo Meijer, Chair of the Top Sector ChemistryNL, proudly. The top sectors see that the potential of hydrogen can only be realized if these sizeable investments and major ambitions get off the ground right now. Meijer; “GroenvermogenNL now offers the Netherlands the opportunity to belong to the European leading group.”

Tapping into potential

The Green Power NL programme focuses heavily on fundamental, applied and pre-competitive research, on innovative pilot and demonstration projects, and on investment in training and human capital. “GroenvermogenNL capitalizes on the opportunities that hydrogen offers the Netherlands to switch to a sustainable industry and society”.

The partners of GroenvermogenNL see the current investment as a very important first step to help build a sustainable energy system, green raw materials and the global hydrogen chain. “Ultimately, we also have to commit to the upscaling of hydrogen and associated large-scale investments in the Netherlands,” explains Manon Jansen, chair of the Top Sector Energy. In addition to investments with money, this also requires cross-sectoral cooperation and an integrated approach. Manon: “That’s why I’m so enthusiastic that three top sectors have found each other. Together with our partners, we will continue to innovate and upscale the opportunities offered by hydrogen and green chemistry for the Dutch economy and to realize the energy and raw materials transition. ”

Good for climate and economy

In addition to the goals of the energy and raw materials transition, GroenvermogenNL also makes a significant contribution to the strength of the entrepreneurial Netherlands. Marc Hendrikse, chair top sector HTSM; “GroenvermogenNL creates great opportunities for the supplying high-tech manufacturing industry in the field of electrolysis, system integration and materials. By linking technical innovation to training and the labor market, GroenvermogenNL provides an impulse that strengthens society, the economy and the business community. ”

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