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Industry and knowledge world make agreements about Dutch upscaling hydrogen and green chemistry

Innovation, research and upscaling essential for achieving the climate goals During the second round table ‘Hydrogen and Green Chemistry’, the top of the business community and the knowledge world made agreements about the upscaling of technology and the intensification of research and innovation.

Under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate, the ambitions from the climate agreement have been translated into milestones and actions towards 2030 and 2050 in the ‘Hydrogen and Green Chemistry Action Agenda’.

The action agenda describes what is needed for the upscaling of hydrogen and green chemistry. Based on system analyzes and the goals of the Climate Agreement, the roundtable discusses the specific actions needed to arrive at roadmaps, to realize pilots and demos and to create market demand and sound business cases. The joint vision from the round table also outlines the necessary steps for cost reduction and innovation in the field of hydrogen and green chemistry.

The participants in the round table also agreed to jointly work out a second application for the National Growth Fund, thereby strengthening the already awarded GroenvermogenNL in the area of further scaling up hydrogen and green chemistry.

“It is great to see that all the different parties at this table are jointly committed to the action agenda today. In this way, all parties show that the major climate challenge that we have to solve together offers unique opportunities for the Netherlands in the field of hydrogen and green chemistry”, summarized Sandor Gaastra (Director-General Climate and Energy) the importance of the action agenda.

The road to necessary upscaling
The next two years seem crucial to position the Netherlands in the European leading group for the upscaling of hydrogen and green chemistry. The partial first grant from the upscaling and innovation programme GroenvermogenNL from the National Growth Fund has been warmly received by all partners and gives an important impulse to R&D and small demonstration projects. Impulses for large-scale investments and projects are also important for exploiting the potential of hydrogen and green chemistry. The advisory committee of the National Growth Fund has not yet made any funding available for this in the current allocation. To this end, the participants in the round table will join forces in an application in the second round of the National Growth Fund. In addition, work is underway on an application for the development of high-tech production equipment for the production of high-quality electrolyser components and systems.

Assignment at the round table
During the round table, the Ministry of Economic Affairs also gave the participants an assignment. For example, it asks the round table to act in an advisory capacity for GroenvermogenNL and to support the National Hydrogen Programme (NWP) by establishing joint development directions as relevant sectors and by converting sector ambitions into agreements.

“This round table brings together a diverse and representative group of public and private parties, and is therefore an important consultation for reaching broadly supported agreements for further innovation and upscaling of hydrogen and green chemistry in the Netherlands,” said Focco Vijselaar (Director- General Business and Innovation) in his closing statement.

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